A Message

So there was I, just settling into meditation and visualising a special place as instructed by the Druid gwers and I see a man appear there.

He was tall, but somehow seemed shorter than he actually was.  He was broadly built and quite strong for a man in his 50’s.  His hair was thick (almost fluffy but not quite, it was the kind of hair that would have grown into an afro if he tried to grow it long) and though now greying, must have been black in his youth.  His eyes were blue and rheumy and kind, his face, fatherly and cheeks were red.  Sanguine, even.  He wore something like a doublet that was brown.

He simply said in a deep rich accented voice:

“I am Dian Cecht, and I bring you a message.”

Welcoming him to my place I asked him to proceed, to which he replied:

“Love yourself.”

Uh huh?

“Not the stuff of prophecy I know, but its important you do this thing.  Love yourself.”

We laughed about that and he seemed to have a confidence born from painful experience, a sadness behind the jovial glint in his eye.  We chatted a little until he vanished and I carried on with my ‘Sun Meditation’.

I was amazed.  One of the Tuatha De Danaan visited me? I hadn’t called on him, I’ve never even worked with him before.  This was the first time ever.  I certainly hadn’t even been reading about him or the Tuatha, though I do include some of them into my honouring of deity.  Its not like I’m even Irish (although my great, great grandmother on my father’s side was, so there’s at least some Irish genes in me… enough for genetic memory? Hmmm).  Although I do pay my respects to the Tuatha De Danaan because I see them as Brythonic gods. As well as Irish. Brythonic in the sense that both Britain and Ireland had pre-Celtic peoples and before the Romans came, both countries were actually Celtic lands.  The North of England was called ‘Brigantia’ after the Brigantes tribe that lived there.  Brigantia must have taken the name from a form of Brighid.  And considering some Welsh (Sorry, I mean Cymry) characters share similar names and characteristics : Lleu-Lugh, Beli-Bilé, Donn-Danu etc, I think it stands to reason that these gods (ancestors as opposed to creators of Man, the world and stuff) must have been shared, a few translations and regional differences here and there, but In essence they still remained as part of gods of land, sea and sky.  And of all the gods that came to our archipelago, it is the Tuatha De Danaan I’m mostly drawn to.  But they never usually appear.  That’s not…. done.  Except for last Sunday.

  What do I know of Dian Cecht? He was the Tuatha De Danaan’s chief healer.  When Nuada lost his hand in battle, it was Dian Cecht who replaced it with a metal one, working digits and all.
  He also had a healing well that could restore the dead back to life (before the Fomorians blocked it up).  He slew the a great serpent that would have consumed all in its path, he even led bands of armies into battle.
  Dian Cecht, however also killed his own son, Miach, in a jealous rage after Miach fully restored Nuada’s flesh and bone hand.  From Miach’s grave grew 365 healing herbs which were sorted by Dian Cecht’s daughter, Airmid.  Only for his jealous rage to take over once more and Dian Cecht cast them to the wind so the lore would be lost.

So, from one who was a great physician and one who had let his anger rule him to the point he lost his son (as well as the respect of his daughter), am I given the message of “Love yourself.”. This comes at a time where I am actually having problems with my confidence at work and not even sure if the projects I’m working on will be any good.  To love myself is not to stroke my ego, but the confidence to do that what I want to accomplish.  That is the healing part.  The Warrior part (for Dian Cecht was a warrior and a judge, too) comes with having the bravery to carry out that what I’m afraid of… succeeding.


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