Ethical Healing

OK, on the OBOD course, I’m given to understand the sphere of healing falls within the Ovate grade.  I’m not there yet, I’m still studying the Bardic grade, although I’ve been a practicing healer for as long as I discovered I could do it (really? Yes, since I was Sixteen- a long time ago!).

I’m not one of those “Are you sick? Let me HEAL YOU!” types who go around and start ‘psychic spamming’ and  laying my hands on you against your will.  The last time that happened to me was just awkward, I felt sorry for the woman, good though her intentions were (I wasn’t ill or sick, I was recovering from heartache after bumping into my ex all the way back in 2000).

I don’t follow Reiki or any official Spiritual Healing organisations, though I have experimented and gone on courses to help refine my method.  Instinctually, I know what to do:

Its all about energy, you replace somebody else’s negative energy with positive energy and send the negative down into the Earth to transform into neutral energy to go to where ever  creation has use for it…

I try to avoid using the word ‘energy’ its far too vague and just a bit ‘hokey’.  I’m not trying to show off, I seriously believe we all have innate abilities that our 21st century minds have been convinced ‘don’t exist’.  We all have these gifts, its just that some can access them easier than others.

When I talk with a friend or member of my family and I discover they are suffering in some way, if I feel it appropriate, I will offer healing to them.  If they accept, no worries.  If they decline, I respect their choice.

A Native American I met, told a group of us the story of finding his mentor dying in hospital.  He went straight away to his mentor and began calling up on the Ancestors and Energies to help heal the dying man.  His mentor, waking up, asked him what he was doing, to which he said “I’m healing you”.  The mentor replied “Did I ask you to?”

Its all very well sending healing to other people when they say they are suffering somehow, but are they actually asking for healing? Sometimes the suffering just want to have someone listen to them, that in itself is its own form of healing.  Every now and then, people just need to vent something or get a subject off their chest… and when they do, it can actually help them to feel better.  We don’t always have to ‘send’ anything.

There is a great difference between healing and ‘surgery’.  I can send you as much healing light from my arse as you like but what if that’s only patching a plaster onto the wound?  What if your suffering actually comes from not the symptoms but the cause of the actual problems? This could be anything from poor diet, underlying issues or even something psychological or simply your biology.  What if your suffering actually comes from things around your life that need some attention or getting rid of? This is what is known as Holistic healing (or wholistic) which means healing of the self by tending to other aspects to our lives that may add contributing factors… I don’t really have magical healing light from my backside btw. 😉

The best form of healing is understanding ourselves and accepting that there are things in the world that are bad for us.  I can’t use a conventional swimming pool for example, the chlorine in it triggers off my eczema in a very bad,  red, itchy way.  In fact, my eczema has taught me humility.  Understanding my ‘skin condition’ has taught me not to be too vain and I have to watch what I eat and drink.  Saying that, if I didn’t have eczema, I’d be a lot more vain than I already am (I’m a Leo, of course I’m vain!) and eating and drinking a lot more shit than I usually do… most likely pumping my body with chemicals that would potentially do harm in other ways…

When someone asks for healing I am always willing to oblige, even if the effects aren’t immediate, they usually manifest within 24hrs.  If not, then the healing has helped in some other unexpected way.

When I’m asked if I can send healing to ‘so and so’ I don’t always respond.  Unless I know the person in question or have taken into consideration other factors (why? and what?), I often refuse because the request is on their behalf.  Yes they might need some kind of relief but again ‘Are they asking for healing?’ I often find it difficult to give people healing for those who-

        A: don’t really want it
        B: don’t even believe in it.

Then again, there might be a request for, say, a young boy rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties, of course I will send healing out for his comfort… but do I have that right?  I recently sent some healing via bi-location and consulted my Oracle to see if it did a young boy any good.  The response was of confusion of the request and of none interference… I was not meant to help him.

Say if someone is dying and talks to me about healing, I cannot and will not even pretend I can help them.  The best I can do is give them some energy (or Chi or Prana, or Nwyfre as we call it in the Order) to help make them comfortable, otherwise I simply ask the Gods if it is that person’s time then please make it quick…

Our society tends to avoid the subject of death unless its on the news or in fiction.  Perhaps there is something to be said for people like the Native American mentor who wanted not to be healed, but let go.


The healing power of our Sun in the sky, not from my bottom