Warrior’s Call- Lighting the Beacon, Sept 2015

From the Warrior Call FB page, Art by Tim Harris

On Saturday night (26th September) I took part in another Anti-Fracking ceremony.  And, I didn’t organise it!  Although I did volunteer for calling South, it’s my favourite thing to do in a ceremony.

I was especially glad to see that 32 people turned up.  Yep, 32! Coming from someone who has been co-organising public Pagan ceremonies here in Nottingham and knowing the old adage ‘gathering Pagans is like herding cats’ this is quite an achievement indeed.

We made our circle in the shadows, with only the far off street lights of the stairs into the park and the cafe to help us see.

The fire was lit and candles handed out to help focus energy and purity.

An eager woman guided us through grounding before the Speaker told us of why we had gathered and how our cause was important.  The Caller called forth the blessings of the directions, even working the phrase ‘Frack Off!’ into the ceremony.

Voices hummed and sang, the beating of the drum thundered in our hearts and it was time for us to summon the quarters in another way.

“May the people of the Land rise up to protect the Great Mother, You WILL NOT FRACK!” I yelled in defiance followed by a roar.

Our intention was to make a Cone of Power by moving Widdershins and making noise.  Some sang, some called out, others beat their drums or clapped.  I Morris skipped all the way around and eventually our voices became one:

“You will not FRACK! You will not FRACK! We BAN-ISH you! We BAN-ISH you!

Over and over again until we raised our candles and released the cone by blowing out all the flames.

A sharing of thoughts and minds took place, perhaps a little too long for those who were older and needed rest.  Apart from that, we proved that for a cause people can and will come together and say “No!”

The time has come for us to walk our talk, and those among the 32 did just that.

Here’s a couple of links you might want to look at.

The first is a site campaigning to save Sherwood Forest from a proposal to gain licensing to frack Sherwood Forest (yes, you read that right!): Here</a>. Click it and it will send you to the Government site where you can post your reasons and suggestions against fracking there.  Please hurry, the deadline is 23:30 tonight!

The second is a video from YouTube’s ‘Sci-Show’ to see what actually goes into fracking… and what can happen afterwards.  Here.


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