Beware the Goblin Moon

We be there at sundown, Shadows stretchin’ all around. Goldy-peach bleeds the sky, be aware that ye we spy?

Night grows dark and clouds Turn black, Moon faces east, Her belly getting fat.

Purple is the haze, green is the ring, Beware the goblin moon. It’s our time to sing!

That be us there- a chatter in the leaves, A tinkle in the stars, a giggle in the breeze. Eyes red as mars!

If Ye leave an off’ring, we’ll play, A real treat, If Ye give some milk, Ye’ll Find us real sweet.

Slippety- slap – snickety- snack!

Should ye leave us nothing, Act the mardy grump, Should ye shout and swear, Or threaten a thump,

If ye ignore our pranks, Or anger at our cause, We’ll scare ye o’ the dark, And lock all yer doors.

Trickety- track – Clickety- clack!

We’ll take all yer keys, And we’ll scare yer cat, We’ll scratch all t’walls, Grease your shoes in fat!

We’ll pull yer dogs ears, Stuff jam in yer x-box, We’ll crack all your plates, And wee in your veg-box.

Purple is the haze, green is the ring, Beware the goblin moon. It’s our time to sing!

Parley- John- Parley- Jack!

We’ll be nice to ye, if ye be nice to us, If ye treat us kindly We’ll give no fuss.

We don’t want trouble, We’ll leave ye well alone. But ev’ry now ‘n’ then Leave us free to roam!

Photo by locksley2010

2 thoughts on “Beware the Goblin Moon”

    1. Thank you, Littlewolf! I wrote it a few years back after coming home one winter night and I saw the moon with a purple and green hazy ring around it. Then the words ‘Goblin Moon’ came to mind, then eventually the imagery played out in my mind.

      As for olde worlde, it origanlly was that style, then I had the Goblin voice in my native Yorkshire (if you pronounced ‘ye’ like “Yehh”). Glad you enjoyed it!

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