“When Strange Things Happen….”

So, on Saturday 10th November: my friend at work posted this:

And the best thing is, they’re both true and yes, I was there on both occasions!

Both happened at work on Ascot Drive, in Derby, UK.

Sat 10th November 2017:

There are four of us in our team, three of us were in a meeting in the office, except for the third member, who was serving customers. Towards the end of the meeting, I elected to make a round of toast and as I was about to head out of the office, Mr. Dy headed his way back to the office, so we passed each other. I heard the kettle begin to boil in the kitchen next to the office. As I was getting the toaster ready I realised something slightly odd…. there were three of us in the office: myself, Mr. D and Mr. S had carried on the meeting without Mr. Dy as we could easily fill him in. Mr. Dy didn’t go into the kitchen and he wouldn’t have turned the kettle on (he’s one of those weird people who doesn’t like hot drinks….. ever!). So, to be sure, I shouted out ” Mr. Dy, did you put the kettle on?” He said he did not, puzzled I would even ask him this question. So I pointed out to everyone that the kettle had switched itself on….. and yes, I made sure that nothing had fallen on to the switch to activate it. Nothing had, it takes some force to actively move it. Even if you were to hit it accidentally, it would take an absolute gymnastic fail with digits sticking out to even make it work. If it was the old kettle, with its switch that was knocked easily, I would have simply discounted it to Mr. Dy calling into the kitchen and grabbing a cheeky biscuit and accidentally catching the kettle on his sleeve…. but the new kettle is a lot more hardy. So with the kettle boiling of its own accord, I did what any decent person would do: I made a cup of tea for the spirit and left it as an offering!

Friday 10th November 2017

Me and Mr. S were finishing up, I was at the counter, counting the till and Mr. S was in the office sending the evening figures (we only started being able to send figures automatically this year, before that we had to collate the figures ourselves, enter a form which we had copied and pasted and then email out to flagship store).

At some point, I heard Mr. S say something, and due to the echo of the store, I couldn’t hear him properly. I can’t understand echoey calls very well, so I approached the office asking what was up.

He asked if I had snuck in to the office and pressed the button on the printer to open up the ink cartridge door as a laugh.

I explained that I was at the counter the whole time, and had just completed the cash count.

Mr. S went on to explain he was completing the figures and felt what was like someone breathing down his neck, during which the printer had opened up. Now, the printer doesn’t simply open up. You have to pull drawers out to refill the paper trays, and if there’s a jam (even when there isn’t because printers are arseholes!) you would have to press the release button to open the cartridge door to remove the ink cartridge to get to the “jam”. We tried it then and I’ve tried it since, unless the cartridge door is clicked in fully, it will open up due to its own weight. It isn’t light enough to be ‘nearly closed but not’.

I found it funny that Mr. S thought that I had snuck in, pressed the button and scarpered. I thought he was having a joke on me at first, but he was quite perturbed at the time.

Apparently Ascot Drive is haunted, I’ll look at this in more detail in Part 2. Although, since discussing the subject of ghosts and writing my previous posts, both Mr. D and Mr. Dy have been more open in sharing their encounters in the store: something seen in their periphery vision and footsteps when there are no customers around, that kind of thing. In fact, in telling him about my cousin’s concerns in my ‘Dealing With Ghosts’ series, Mr Dy told me of the things he’s heard in our store late at night, this was another reason that prompted me to write about it.

Part 2 is currently under construction.

A Moment of Stillness…..

There is nothing that makes me feel connected to both the world and magic itself than to see a star on the horizon of dawn or dusk between skeletal trees……

With the Blessing of the Hawk of Dawn, soaring through the clear blue sky…..

Can you see it too?

Photo taken by Locksley2010.

St Ann’s, Nottingham, 10/11/2018, 06:27