Religious Law and Personal Codes

I was inspired to write this post by two factors:

1, being this post on the concept of honour by Nimue Brown, it gives a great comparison on honour being an excuse to beat people up and honour being a sense of doing the right thing, despite all odds.

2, being a conversation with Devi regarding religion and her stance being that any form of organised religion is a method of control.

Both of these made me think of my concepts of honour and what religious laws (if any) that I followed.

What came to mind was my favourite quote from Diogenes Laertius when describing the observed law of the religion of the Celtic people:

…. to honour the gods, to do no evil, and to practise bravery….

Diogenes Laertius was writing about the Druids and the law they taught to the rest of Celtic society, he referred to Sotion and Polyhistor as is his sources, so this is really based on the accounts of other Greeks writing about the Celts. I don’t know if this was based on fancy or fact. Either way, when I first read this (must be about 13 years ago now!) It stirred something within me and I hold it within my heart, the first triad I had ever learned. If there was any actual religious edict to “follow” it is this. Even if the observance wasn’t strictly true, respecting ones ancestors, not giving in to moral weakness and having courage in all things can’t be a bad way to go.

I also follow, if that is the right word, the modern tenet of responsibility:

We, and we alone, are responsible for our lives and actions. Our will, our happiness and our destinies are our own.

Not a Druidical phrase per sè, but definitely a theme and mode of thought that came about in the 20th Century.

What moral codes do you work with and what inspired them?