An Audio Ghost Walk Around Derby

Here’s a link to the Derby Sound Community Radio show taking place on Sunday 27th October 9pm.

Myself and the presenter, Alex Mills made a ghost walk exploring the haunted spots of Derby in the UK.

Tune in if you dare…..

A Blessing for the Dead

Summer has indeed given way to Autumn. The nights are long and the trees are becoming bare, conkers have been falling to the ground for almost a month now.

As we approach Samhain and prepare for the remembrance of those whom have gone before us into the Great Mystery.

I felt it right to share this blessing I had created.

Having lost a dear friend earlier on this year, a friend’s partner losing their grandmother; Devi and I losing one of our three cats, I think it rather apt:

A Blessing for the Dead

Life’s Breath is but a whisper in the wind.

Life’s Light is but a spark in the embers.

Life’s Tears are but a drop in the ocean.

Life’s Flesh is but embraced by the Earth.

We are not tiny things in the world, but part of a greater whole.

Never to be forgotten.

Locksley2010 /|\

Sleep well, Bailey.