Of Awen, Dandelion and a Blackbird called Plucky

Thursday 23/4/2020 New Moon

I am very fortunate during Lockdown to be able to pursue my interests as well as keep myself busy.

The trick is to not get yourself overwhelmed.

Between a current project and my acting classes (online), I have been learning how use my smartphone as not only a film camera, but an editing studio too.

I’m a great believer in Druidry not only respecting the past, but being in the here and now. As I’m discovering: my performing and technical learning are complementing my Druidry, the reverse is true also.

Awen: As well as my creative juices now flowing again (I’ve had a bit of a dry patch for well over a year), Awen hit me in the most unexpected ways.

I was in my study doing some basic physical exercises (week 12 of recovery and seem to be doing well so far!) last Thursday and then the Awen flowed, it hit me: Make a storytelling slot on Facebook every Sunday during lockdown!

The Awen struck my mind with that thought and then it snowballed into an idea: I can record stories of myth, legend and folklore and even make this into a YouTube Channel!

Getting in contact with my friend Dee, who was interested in my idea for such an idea, she agreed to edit my footage and make it look good.

And so, Story Sunday was born and I put the first story out on both social media platforms, on YouTube it’s under my channel: Knight’s Tales, but the Story Sunday has it’s own playlist and category. The idea being that I’ll be able to add other storytelling performances (hopefully) under one heading.

For anyone curious, here it is:


It’s basic right now, but hey, it’s a start. And with the blatant advertising out of the way…..

I wrote the above with no smugness, I wrote it hoping to be inspirational: if a technophobic mug like me can learn how to do all that, so can you.

You see, the Awen doesn’t just mean “Inspiration”. It also means “Spirit” and shares the same root word in Welsh as awel or “breeze”.

And as I’ve been weeding (Devi calls weeding and planting “proper Paganism”…. I don’t think she’s wrong) a lot in the gardens too, I felt inspired to compare Awen to the humble Dandelion:

Dandelion: Dandelions are brilliant, they’ll grow anywhere, usually between other plants- so watch out for what you’re digging up! But bees love them so I left the ones with bees alone.

Awen is like the Dandelion: it grows, it flowers, then it changes all of a sudden into many different ideas to take seed and then it’s gone!

Blackbird: Most likely because I have been weeding, there has been the same Blackbird coming to the house everyday. Looking for food and nesting materials, he’s been really close to the house. I was removing several invading dandelions (For ideas can be unwelcoming too) from the potato patch and the Blackbird was there, at least 2 meters from me, just watching. It appears he was as curious of me as I was of he, we pretty much circled each other. He even made himself known when I was weeding the cherry tree today (he was close, by at least 4 feet!) he wouldn’t stay still for my camera though.

Because he comes so close and he doesn’t seem to care about the “Apex Predators” of the house, I decided to call him Plucky.

So, be like Plucky, dare to explore new ideas and methods, let inspiration take you and see what ground the Awen takes seed.

Next New Moon: Fri 22/5/2020

‘A Druid’s Pilgrimage’ Film Update!

Wednesday 8/4/2020 – Full (Super) Moon ♎>♏

Hello everyone, I have a full moon special this month. For those who follow my blog, you may remember I was starring in a drama documentary called ‘A Druid’s Pilgrimage‘ made by the Lost Histories team last year? In fact, I wrote about it here.

It was supposed to have premiered on the 28th of March, but due to Covid-19, it’s screening was cancelled and it will be released on YouTube instead.

If you press the link below, it will take you to the Lost Histories website where you will find the link for the film. It will be active on Saturday 11th March, 19:00 hrs GMT.

See you then!

A Druid’s Pilgrimage film Premiere