Winter Solstice 2020 Special: “Horsing Around”

Originally written on….

Monday 21st December 2020

1st Quarter

Conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn.

Well. What a year! When I was writing about unstoppable forces, a world-wide pandemic wasn’t exactly what I had in mind….

And with that, let’s skip to the card and what 2020 brought to it.

Remember, the card was reversed, which although this isn’t necessarily “bad”, it just means there’ll be more work to do. Yes, when a card is drawn, we have to take it’s upright associations in mind as well: Leadership, Warrior Spirit, Direction. But let’s look at the main themes:

Madness: I think that pretty much summed up 2020 as a whole. I do find it interesting where the book says: “Sometimes we must go through a period of ‘breakdown’ in order to allow something to enter our lives.”

I originally took this card to mean that perhaps my hernia operation would meet with some difficulty. Little did I know that a disease would sweep the nations of our world and create a very different madness.

My recovery, allowed me to make some headway into my Ovate journey, showing me how to look at the world anew. I’m not only exploring the forest, I’m learning to read it!

During the first Lockdown, I made the step of streaming the ceremonies and lessons of the Robin Hood Moot online. I also took this time to learn how to video edit on my phone, started recording and creating my online storytelling (thinking of doing a podcast version, next), and finally started voice acting!

Strangely enough, Devi always referred to us getting married as “madness” and some would consider us mad for attempting to getting married during the Pandemic….. But we pulled it off, had our immediate family with us and enjoyed a thoroughly good time! Until I met Devi, I never saw myself getting married again and we did it!

And I survived turning 40. I mean, is there a membership card? Do we get cigars and a glass of port- how does this work?

And to cap off the ending of this year, I really jumped off the sanity wagon and applied for the Deputy Manager position at my day job.

The Druid Animal Oracle writes of the Boar reversed being the card of the Terrible Mother aka The Initiator. And if it’s one thing I learned from Boar, is that it also means an unstoppable force: something that’s so strong and brings destruction in its way that the only way you can limit it is to drive it else where: this was the method employed by Arthur himself when facing the dreaded King of the Otherworld Boars: Twrch Trwyth.

Recovery from my operation was inevitable, the situation with Covid-19 was unstoppable. What I took from this was to not give in to neither despair or panic. I accessed my warrior spirit to turn my situation into an advantage with creative, spiritual and even gardening endeavours. I stood up in leadership with listening to the members of my moot and made our physical meetings into virtual ones. I also took the opportunity to apply for a promotion. Something I would never have done a few years ago. And the focus of my wedding, with the lessons of the Ovate Grade and being at home for longer than anticipated had all lead to direction in my life.

2021: Each: Horse

It was with some surprise, I drew not only an upright card, but one of such adventurous possibility.

Horse tells of Travel, of the Land and The Goddess. Of connecting with the seasons and natural rhythms in life. How Horse will appear, I shall of course share…. I find it very cool that the card has the image of the Uffington Horse and we had taken the picture of it down from our dining table to allow for a wedding gift to be viewed….

Outside, it has been raining and the Winds of Change are already here, as though the previous year is being washed and blown away…. very well, Each, let’s see what journeys await!