Spring Equinox 2021

7th Waxing Crescent ♊

We can see it with the growing daylight.

We can feel it in the sun and wind.

We can hear it with bird-song

We can smell the flowers begin.

We can feel it in our soul throng.

Spring’s lightening.

Happy Equinox everyone!

The Changing Voice of My Blog

New Moon

This post was inspired by another from my friend and Grove-sister, Tatterhood.

When I first started this blog back in 2013, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. I didn’t really know what I wanted this blog to be. It was originally set out to be a blog exploring my spiritual practise of Modern Druidry.

In fact, it’s full title was “A Wise Fool- A Blog of Druidry and Weirdry.” And was originally set out to document any bizarre happenings (dreams, ghostly encounters and the like) as well as what I learned and discovered in my exploration into Druidry.

For those who are new to my blog (Hello and welcome, btw!) Druidry is a nature based spiritual practise seeking the Divine within the world, and our relationship with it. In the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) I have passed the Bardic Grade (Seeking the spiritual self through self exploration and creativity) and am currently studying the Ovate Grade (spiritual connection in the natural world and examining my relationship with it).

For those who’ve followed my blog for any length of time (Hi and THANK YOU! xx) they will have seen this blog cover many subjects and change as the years went on.

My blog over the years has had different voices: snarky, humorous, ranting, posts about myths, the Modern Pagan celebrations and even about gender and my holidays (vacations) and acting endeavours. Looking back on it, it’s been one hell of a journey.

As I have grown, so has my blog, there are posts I think I could have written better and there are posts I think were more of explorations into that particular subject rather than a full study.

Right now, and as of last year, my blog has been mainly about finding inspirations in the natural world. I don’t go heavy with the Druidry theme as my practise is personal and I’m not in the habit of preaching. But Druidry is fundamentally my blog’s flavour: for what does the Druid seek? They seek Awen, connection with the Spirit or Divine Inspiration. And inspiration in the world around me is what I have felt the drive to share.

Realistically, my blog should be called A Wise Fool: A Blog about Druidry and Inspiration.

My writing voice has changed: No longer someone who’s trying to find who they are, or someone writing like they have something to prove. No longer someone trying to sound academic or ranty: What was the finding of my subject? what was the lesson learned of that encounter? My writing voice is more reflective than experiential now.

As I commented on Tatterhood’s post about her own blog:

Blogs and writing voices change in time.  What we started with isn’t necessarily where we are now; that’s the beauty of the journey.

Has your blog changed in time? Has your writing voice changed?