Reflections From Frost

New Moon ♈>♉

Dead Nettle in Frost by Locksley2010

Last week, in building up to this month’s new moon, the British weather had shown every example of its arsenal. Almost one for each day!

Beginning with spring’s warm sunshine giving way to chillingly cold winds, crispy frost, to swift flurries of snow, pockets of rain and gusts of wind. Blue sky being obscured by thick iron clouds…. to give way to blue skies again. And remember…. Blue skies don’t necessarily mean they are warm days.

The weather, here in the UK, is often a talking point because it changes so regularly. So we often talk about it, apparently we’re renowned for it!

It was walking in the frost that inspired this post: frost and ice can preserve on what it takes hold. In some cases it keeps things in stasis, in its extreme (like all things) it can kill.

In the case of looking at the dead nettle (its not actually dead, this is the flowering variety that doesn’t sting) being covered in frost one day and for it to be free the next, this brought to mind the nature of change.

Oh, for sure, the lengthening days, growing green and variety in birdsong are all indicators of the change of season, but even beyond the vernal equinox: winter hasn’t fully loosened it’s grip.

Humanity spends much of its time in keeping things as they are. Where stasis has become our way of telling ourselves that we control the world. But time, experience and the world teach us this isn’t so.

Night gives way to day, winter gives way to summer, youth gives way to maturity…. many die and many are born. What was old gives way to the new, relationships and friendships form, others break. A forest becomes a wasteland, which then becomes a park that becomes a nature reserve. The young can take something old and look on it anew.

As we grow, we too change in the course of our lifetimes: who we were as children isn’t who we are now. We may be the same person in our core, as much as a tree is always a tree, or a dead nettle is always a dead nettle.

But as time goes on, the experiences we go through, our victories, our losses, our lives change us as time goes on.

4 thoughts on “Reflections From Frost”

  1. This is a wonderful article on self-reflection. We keep changing, our values keep changing and evolving, while some remain the same, untouched and unfazed by the changes. Often when I think about who I used to be, I am surprised by my naivety and the some of things I used to believe in. Of course we are a sum total of circumstances, our reactions, our evolution but it is something to ponder about.

    1. Thank you! I think that when we look back, we are often surprised by who we used to be. I used to have a lot of thoughts that were applicable to my younger self, but not with who I am today. Thanks for the comment and the ponder!

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