* Why a ‘Wise Fool’? Well, Like everyone else, I’m only Human and make mistakes… though I seem to do it quite A LOT. I’m often considered wise by one of the Pagan groups I’m with. I’d say I’m knowledgeable, but wise? Naaah! I tend to say what I think and suffer the consequences later… for better or worse. That and when a friend of mine (Briseilid from the Grove of the Corieltauvi) lent me her Arthurian Tarot deck, one of the cards identified with was The Fool, or Percival beginning his quest and that foolish action can lead to wisdom.

*What do you mean Druidry and Weirdry? My spiritual path is Pagan and the particular flavour of my Paganism is Druidry. This will be a blog about things that I want to share of that path and some of it will be lessons I’ve learned, epiphanies realised, dreams that I’ve had and just plain weird things I want to document, like synchronicity, encounters with the unknown etc.
In fact, think of this blog more as a diary of one who is exploring the mysteries of life, the universe and everything.

*Who am I? I’m a practicing Pagan living in the East Midlands, UK. Nottingham to be precise.
In fact my WordPress name “locksley2010” has NOTHING to do with Robin Hood, Locksley comes from a nickname given when I lived in London. And 2010 was the year I joined the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

I’ve always had interest in the paranormal, even when I was a Christian (by choice when I was 9 years old, until I was 19 when I discovered Paganism).

I like to read the Old Stories, because even though they may not contain actual Druidic or pagan practices (though some must… somewhere), they do contain traces of Indo-European themes, something that links most of the European (and some Indian) traditions.

I like stories, acting, Sci-fi and Fantasy Doctor Who? and questioning things most Pagans seem to take as gospel.

Photo: Me as Eomer from LOTR at a party.


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