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Here be Dragons…

Earth Dragon, art by Bill Worthington.

Ah, 2016, I’ve been expecting you.

With all the strong winds we had this winter, I got the feeling that the winds of change had already arrived; eagerly pushing 2015 out of the way as if 2016 couldn’t wait to get here. 

2015 has been a busy year for me.  I got moved store (again) and have even taken steps to help me back on the road of acting.

Comparing to last year’s reading, how did things play out?

Venom: I lost my cat, Loki.  She was my companion, my little girl and my pain in the arse all at once. I had her put down after she was attacked by a Fox as her chances of survival were extremely slim.  Not a day goes by without me thinking of her. 

I broke the heart of my friend and fellow Grove mate, River.  I thought I was ready for a new relationship and after three months, realised I wasn’t.  So I ended it and hurt her badly.  Looking back on it, I see now that was what’s called a ‘rebound’.  We have spoken since and says she has forgiven me.  I wouldn’t say we are the friends we used to be, but at least we are civil now. 
  The venom was my broken heart and the lesson of Adder reversed is to use the poison that harms into one that cures.  Loki’s death reminded me of the savage side of Nature, it was a serious wound that was brought through the cycle of survival.  I think it would have been worse if I found her after getting run over by a car.
  As terrible as breaking up with River was, things happened in motion to change her life for the better, from what she told me, she has discovered Buddhism which has taught her to let go of the past and embrace the future. 
  I learned a lot about myself from this experience and now know who I am, as well as who I don’t want to be.

Honey: The card of Bee represents community, celebration and organisation.  2015 was a very social year for me, I am blessed with many friends wether it is my Grove, my housemate, my workmates, both my social and spiritual circles.  I even left Pagan Pride in an official capacity, in a good place. 
  With the Am Dram group, I bonded really well with my fellow cast and crew in the One-Acts of that summer.  I spent NYE with Cludgie’s family and mutual friends. It was Cludgie who gave me the final push to go for the role I auditioned for and got.  The director had previously asked if I’d be interested in reading for it and I thought of every reason not to.  I’m glad Cludgie talked me round.
Three major creative things happened this year too: me, Strider and Dumbledore got together and formed our storytelling group “Tales From the Fireside”, a separate venture from our Grove that was described by one event organiser as “I knew you’d be good, I didn’t expect you to be awesome”.
  The other was joining the Actors Workshop here in Notts.  Making some good friends and progress in my performing skills.
  And filming the Promo of Gallows Bait in Sherwood Forest, dressed as a proper highwayman for two days!

2015 was for me a year of discovery, having courage enough to do what it is I want to actually do (and sowing the seeds for it to happen) and being surrounded by wonderful people, old and new.  I also did a lot of guest speaking this year, touching on new subjects for me as well as revisiting old ones.

Dragons: I was quite hungover on New Year’s Day when I drew the card for 2016 and as soon as I saw what my focus for this year was, I said in my best George Takei voice: ‘Ohhh Myyyyyyy’ Earth Dragon or ‘Draig-Talamh’ is the card of accessing your inner potential, as well as recognising the potential in others. 
Here’s hoping 2016 will be a very productive year!


A problem….

Hi, it’s been a while.

I’ve come to a part in my life where everything is busy.  It’s alright, it’s not a complaint.  It’s an admition.  I do it to myself.  Artemis is forever telling me off because I “Don’t do time off”… She’s right I don’t.

I am, right now, just coming home from the first night of an amateur dramatic play.  Really fun role, good physical acting and the audience don’t like my character, which, being the bad guy is intentional.

On Sunday, I just finished a day of storytelling for children, too.  Good day!

I have the rest of the week to go for the show and then in August, a festival to help run.  Looking forward to it!

So, what’s the problem?

Well, two Saturdays ago, I joined my cast mates at a party of bad movies (the 1968 movie ‘Daddy’s Gone A Hunting‘, which our play may have been based on, Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Room‘ and ‘Surf Nazi Zombies‘), Cards Against Humanity and junk food. A great night! Up until we started watching ‘The Room’ and I introduced the drinking game that goes with.  We were doing the ‘Two-Fingers’ rule and I was on the second bottle of red wine…. To myself.  Yes, I polished off one bottle of Merlot all on my lonesome, then started using a Rioca for shots! There was vodka involved, a cup of tea then me praying to the porcelain God for three hours! I crawled into work that morning AND went to the Tech Rehearsal.  I was broken!

In my Grove, I’m the one that drinks the most alcohol because I don’t drive.  In fact it’s a bit of an in joke that I’ll get drunk at a meeting or a ceremony.  My first Grove meeting saw me mixing red wine, mead and elderflower wine, and we ain’t talking a glass of each here!

My problem is this: Since the movie night, I don’t want alcohol!

Tonight, my family came to see the show and very kindly bought me a pint of bitter.  I normally drink like a fish, but I was drinking out of habit.  I didn’t actually want it! Even joking about necking it down made me slightly queasy.  Maybe, I just didn’t like it.  Maybe I needed something lighter.  Maybe I just need to NOT drink for a while. 

Drinking is my drug of choice (next to caffeine), I don’t smoke or do drugs, so most likely, I just need to give it up a while.  I will have another drink tomorrow night of something else, if I don’t force it down I know I can drink again.  If I find myself forcing it, then I’ll know I cannot.

My weapons of choice... Never got to eat the Dorito's though...