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Why perform ritual? 

“Do you perform it for their glory, or for yours?” Was the question that popped into my head as I poured the water from Monday’s ceremony into the kitchen plant. 

    A slight rewording from the question posed to Dr. Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but an effective one nonetheless. 

    That previous night had me perform a personal meditation in order to find an answer to something I was thinking through.  Well, more accurately, the meditation was the middle bit of my ceremony (to my fellow members of the Grove who wanted to know how it is I can recall the words by rote….. This is how).  And to perform the meditations and visualisations I use without the ceremonial bits feels…. Naked.

    This is how I do it: 

    1. Peace to the quarters.
    2. Cast the circle.
    3. Bless the circle with fire and water.
    4. Prayer to deity or deities.
    5. Awens.
    6. Middle bit.
    7. ‘Hour of recall….’
    8. Thanks to Deity.
    9. Uncast the circle.
    10. Declaration of the end of ceremony. 

        It’s mainly based on the general OBOD ceremonies, but I have found the form that works for me.  No flowers though.  Can’t be doing with taking from the plant realm for the sake of aesthetics!

          The Order encourages members to try things out and see how things work for them, even saying to stop something if it doesn’t work for you.  I have kept the above as it works for me.  Some of the wording is different and the words I say to deity are my own. 

        The ritual water I give to the household plants, a way of giving back and not wasting what was taken.

        There was a time I would perform this every day, and even though it did calm my being, I became stifled with the repetition.  So now, I like to do it with meaning, the ritual bringing calm and satisfaction to myself as well as honour and communication to those that are listening.  

        Do I do it for their glory?  Not really, as I have other personal rituals for giving thanks and honour.

        Do I do it for my glory?  Perhaps.  But when I perform the ceremony it isn’t for glory, it is a series of repetitious actions that allow me to enter a certain level of consciousness that allows me to find a stillness.  This stillness can be used to calm my fiery temperament, to gain insight or inspiration.  

        And even if there is no one in the ether, the ceremony still serves it’s purpose. 

        “There are FOUR lights!” Pic by Locksley2010.

        I Love You

          Not quite a poem, just a collection of words:

        I love you enough to see you,
        I love you enough to hear you,
        I love you enough to listen to your woes,
        I love you enough to laugh with you,
        I love you enough to care for you,
        I love you you enough to give up everything I have for you,
        I love you enough to accept you,
        I love you enough to say Yes,
        I love you enough to say no,
        I love you enough to let you go,
        I love you enough put you to Sleep,
        I love you enough to say goodbye,
        I love you enough to cry for you,
        I love you enough to open up,
        I love you enough to dare,
        I love you enough to let you in,
        I love you enough to give you a chance
        I love you enough to love again.

        This came to me during the LBE in my Bardic Grove.  I had prayed to my Goddesses, ancestors and spirits for strength in my spirit and healing in my soul.  I’m guessing the Awen struck because I had to write it down.
        Part inspired by a conversation with Dumbledore and his daughter telling him ‘Its all about love’ and wondering about all the painful bits in love.  And part about accepting people for who they are, the break up with me and Pipes, saying goodbye to my cat (something I’m still dealing with) and beginning a new relationship with River.  But really, those words can apply to everyone.