Baby Numo Sighting!

SHIT! It’s real! Arrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!

Photo by Mark Knight
Photo by Mark Knight


Baby Numo is a cyber-spirit.  It comes when there are five of you in the room and sees you through your computer and your TV screen.  You have to face it one at a time.  Weapons won’t hurt it, but if you believe, a token of faith might make Baby Numo spare you.  Might.

Baby Numo looks into your soul and makes you face all your darkest fears, if you are impure of heart, then the screens will say ‘EVIL DETECTED’ and then you freak out as your fears consume you.

Some sweat blood, some cry out, some curl up into a ball and start gibbering.  Some disappear and are never seen again.  They have been taken by Baby Numo.  Where to? no one knows.

If you are pure of heart, the screens will say ‘NO EVIL DETECTED’ and you will be spared, your reward? your life and your sanity intact.  Your room will go black like a wall of shadow, but this will pass.  In Baby Numo’s place will be a doll for you to keep.

Its true, it happened to a friend of mine.

It started as a prank on the internet.

It started in Japan.

But Baby Numo became real because people believed.

Its all true. 

Nah, c’mon! I made Baby Numo up in a dream.  My brother, having read the original blog, here, saw this No-Face Graffiti and posted it on my FB profile with the words ‘NO EVIL DETECTED’. Clever get! I really should make this into a short story or a mini-film, lol.