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Full Moon Special: ‘A Triad From Today’

Full Moon ♍

A triad from today:

Creativity comes with other people,

Reflection comes with solitude,

Inspiration comes with the spirit.


I’d like to give a shout out for these two posts for inspiring the triad above.

Nimue and Amy, thank you!

Moon rises in the east….
Sun sets in the West….

Fighting For Our World

The three tasks of a Druid:

To live fully in the present; to honour tradition and the ancestors; to hear the voice of tomorrow.

-Modern Druid Triad.

This post comes a little earlier than my new target of the 19th of the month. Mainly because the subject is important and because there is a national event happening on Friday 20th September.

I originally started typing this at the end of August, when the heat was still with us, the green was thick and glossy and the shadows were beginning to grow longer. Now, it is September, both dawn and dusk show a myriad of pink, peach, gold and baby blue. The trees are beginning to turn gold and there is a chill in the air.

We had another year where we saw and felt the world burn. Climate change is mainstream news, it’s a serious matter that concerns us all.

For Nature-Centric Pagans (For there are paths of Paganism that aren’t nature themed), I think it’s important to do what we can to protect our world.

This year, we have seen the Arctic and the Amazon rainforest burn. Apparently, Arctic burning happens every year, it’s a natural thing. But not on the scale as reported and now we are seeing the Perma-Frost melt.

The Amazon, as far as I am aware is still burning, but it’s not too late to help.

Not all of us can just leave our jobs or families behind so we can go to the front line of these events. I admire and respect those who can and do. Whether it’s actively going to a site of a disaster and physically helping out, or it’s protesting at a space targeted by Fracking companies, or more.

I help in my own way. I try to avoid foods and products with palm oil. I often spread the word of campaigns and events online (I believe this is what is referred to as “Clicktivism”). I even boycott certain brands and products.

I am glad that the fight for the future of our world is being carried on by the youth of today. In a conversation with my dear friend, Lumi, she feels that perhaps it was these youngster who will usher in the new age supposedly foretold by the Mayan Calendar that ended in 2012. Even if not, I find it hopeful that they are protesting and making politicians listen.

Getting Involved

There is a national Climate Strike happening on Friday 20th September. For further details on how to get involved or find an event near you, this link:

If you can’t make it then you can perhaps help by clicking on the following links:

Save the Amazon – Greenpeace International

Save the Amazon

The Warrior’s Call – Pagans United Against Fracking

If the links don’t work, please copy and paste into your browser.

There are other organisations: Friends of the Earth and even Extinction Rebellion all doing their bit too.

I live fully in the present and help where I can, even using technology to spread the word.

I honour the tradition of being concerned about natural philosophy and the ancestors who respected the Land.

I hear the voice of tomorrow and it wants to take action before it’s too late.