Just Five Minutes

3rd Waxing Crescent ♑

It’s been a busy day at the Devi-Locksley household, a busy time in the past few weeks as well. It’s also been busy for both of us in our working lives too.

In the late afternoon, I was taking the rubbish (trash) out and made my way back for the recycling. So far, so-nothing-special, right? I was already aware the sun was going down due to the pink in the clouds, and that darkening that means the lights need going on.

On my way back inside, I could see the thin pale sliver of the waxing crescent moon. And instantly, I was to take a few minutes to just…. stop.

It was my day off and today’s chores were almost complete. I also had an evening of script reading ahead in preparation for this weekend’s recording.

And in this moment, I could see the crescent moon clearly through the bare branches of next door’s Rowan tree. And so, I decided to take just five minutes.

I could see the colours of the sky shifting, even the first star of the dusk reveal itself (the Stellarium App tells me this was Jupiter, pointing South/West towards the constellation of Saggitarius on the horizon). I could even see the robin land on the bare elder tree! I could hear the evening birdsong as they called out to each other, the breeze in the remaining leaves as well as the vehicles on the road. I could smell the ozone of the cool air (It feels more like late autumn than early winter) and I could already taste the tea I was desiring to make. Though the air was cool, I could feel the warmth under my jumper (sweater), my blood pumping through my veins: I was at one with Nwyfre.

The world holds so much beauty, so much life to behold, and in our busy lives, we pass it by. This is why it is important for us to take time out for ourselves…. even if it’s for five minutes.

The Moon, looking much wider in the trees than she was to the eye. Jupiter is to the top left, before the clouds. Photo taken Approx 16:56 hrs GMT.